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Retaining walls can be for their esthetic value such as creating curb appeal in the front and along the sides of your home. They can also be a necessity in order to level uneven parts of the yard, which by doing so, creates additional usable space to enjoy. Paver Patios, which can be more visually appealing than concrete and may be even more cost effective can create a dry, comfortable place to unwind and relax. Paver Walkways can provide a dry, clean way to access points in the yard that may otherwise be undesirable. Edging can be a very attractive accompaniment to the overall look and feel of the landscape plan as well.

Landscaping block serve a functional yet decorative purpose, such as a raised planting bed, stylish pathway, compost pile, retaining wall and yard edging. These block are available in a diversity of patterns, sizes, styles and material, with grains that resemble bricks, stone or concrete.

Retaining wall block is concrete landscaping blocks specifically designed for establishing solid and stable retaining walls. Retaining walls have numerous residential applications, whether cosmetic for curb appeal or functional to level out areas around the yard. And, while the retaining wall is custom to the contours of the ground, they should likewise reflect the artistic preference of the homeowner.

Paving stones can complement the surrounding landscape and deliver added beauty to any attribute. Paving stones are an excellent choice not simply for their strong aesthetic appeal, but besides for their durability and versatility. Paving stones are a fast and uncomplicated solution for creating a comfortable, dry outdoor space. Pavers come in a mixture of size, pattern and color.

The form of an edger lends itself to both square and curved seams. They're the complete solution for separating the lawn from the landscape beds in most any area of the yard.

As you go over our portfolio consider the many applications of Block, Pavers and Edgers that could be integrated into your landscape.